30 Years of Experience.

Our Asphalt Plant

Dunham's Asphalt is locally owned, which means we generate local jobs and the money stays in the Oklahoma Economy! If you're looking for an asphalt manufacturer, look no further!

Additionally, Dunham's Asphalt is proud to offer the finest quality asphalt, with the highest quality liquid asphalt chosen for its superior adhesion, flexibility, and longevity. Unlike other asphalt mixing plants, Dunham's will never skimp on the most important ingredient: the liquid asphalt itself. Dunham's Asphalt produces ODOT approved product.

Dunham's Asphalt enjoys a low overhead, so we are able to bring you this superior quality product but at a competitive price. Dunham's Asphalt makes the most workable, affordable and long lasting product your money can buy. As an asphalt manufacturer, Dunham's Asphalt is a company that delivers!

Dunham's Asphalt also does a great deal of recycling, keeping quality at the forefront and a focus on efficiency. Dunham's Asphalt has a commitment to keeping the product quality high, the price competitive, and never forgets the customer is the most important part of their business.

Dunham's Asphalt's plant is located right in Tulsa County, so it is easy to get to, and we even enjoy additional savings on lower tax rates!

Dunham's Asphalt's employees pride themselves on being contractor oriented. The focus is on the client, with flexible hours, pick-up and delivery arrangements, and never forget: there's always a cup of hot coffee waiting for you and sometimes, even a donut, so come by and say hello and get to know the folks at Dunham's Asphalt.