30 Years of Experience.

About Us

We are locally owned, members of the Oklahoma Asphalt Paving Association, National Asphalt Paving Association, and have over 30 years’ experience as a Paving Contractor.

When making a decision, especially on a large investment such as installing, repairing driveways, parking lots, and roads, you want to be certain of an excellent job with service and price. Companies purchase or manufacture asphalt and provide it at similar market prices as well as the cost to install the asphalt. Our paving crew, working together for over 10 years, knows how to give you the quality you expect.

Liquid asphalt cement is the most expensive ingredient in making asphalt and is overlooked when problems occur. It is the life of the pavement, holding a combination of stones together.

We use liquid asphalt with qualities of adhesion, elasticity, longevity, flexibility, and higher varying ranges of temperature changes, which reduces rutting, reveling and cracking.

Our products are tested for quality in an ODOT certified lab, the liquid asphalt as well as our finished hot mix.

We are certainly looking forward to the opportunity to one day serve your asphalt needs.